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About Us

Naturacare Vitor About Me

Vitor comes from a family of entrepreneurs, which influenced his decision to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. However, he also have a strong holistic side, which led him to obtain his Reiki master certification from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.


Combining these two passions, he founded Naturacare, a business that seamlessly blends business acumen with wellness. His love for creating and his deep connection with nature played a significant role in the birth of Naturacare.


He is dedicated to crafting beautiful, natural/vegan, and sustainable self-care products and making a tranquil ambient environment with his products. What sets Naturacare apart is that every product is infused with Reiki, providing not just physical care but also nurturing the mind and soul of his clients. He is truly passionate about enhancing overall well-being through the synergy of business and holistic practices.

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