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3 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Cosmetics

3 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Cosmetics

Imagine cleaning your finest china, but rather than using a soft microfiber, you pick an abrasive cloth.

Instead of having your china dazzling, you horrifyingly discover that you have scratched its surface.

You see, this is what happens when you use ingredients that trigger allergic reactions.

Normal cosmetics contain skin irritants whereas vegan cosmetics are natural and free from harsh chemicals and animal products that can cause skin inflammation.

There are many benefits of using vegan cosmetics and here are three reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Minimize Adverse Reactions while Maximizing Beauty

When you use non-vegan cosmetics you risk applying potentially harmful chemicals on your skin.

The table below shows some of these potentially harmful chemicals and their safe plant-based alternatives.

Potentially Harmful Chemical

What it Does

Harmful Effects

Safe Plant-Based Alternatives


Preserves and extends the product’s shelf life.

Hormone disruption, health risks

Natural preservatives like rosemary extract or grapefruit seed extract


Enhance fragrance and texture while reducing cracking in nail polishes.

Endocrine disruption, health risks

Essential oils, plant-based fragrances

Mineral Oil

Moisturizes and softens the skin.

Clogs pores, potential skin issues

Plant oils like jojoba, almond, or coconut oil

Synthetic Fragrances

Provides aromatherapy benefits.

Skin irritation, allergic reactions

Essential oils, plant-based fragrances

Artificial Colours

Adds colour to cosmetics.

Skin irritation, allergies

Plant-derived colourants, mica, iron oxides

Vegan skincare products are better because they are:

  • Gentle, calm, and soothing cosmetics for your skin type help to maintain a healthy complexion and enhance general well-being.

  • Make use of plants’ ability to give vitamins, antioxidants, and necessary fatty acids to nourish your skin.

  • Keep pollutants and harmful irritants off of your skin.

  • You advocate for positive change as you encourage more beauty companies to jump on the vegan cosmetics bandwagon.

  • You have peace of mind knowing that you are not endangering your skin by using a product whose ingredients you do not understand.

2. Promote Compassionate Beauty Practices

Another reason why you should choose vegan cosmetics is that you help save animals’ lives.

How, you ask?

For starters, non-vegan cosmetic products mostly use dead animal ingredients.

Beauty cosmetic formulators test products on animals before selling them to ensure that they won’t harm your skin.

But in most cases, before the formulator can perfect the recipe and the regulators deem it safe for human use, they subject the test animals to the most heinous brutality.

For context, imagine trying to bake a cake using a new recipe. Before you can create a well-baked cake, you must first go through a few trials.

That’s exactly what occurs when you use non-vegan items. Before the components are chemically changed to be acceptable for human skin, they go through several tests, many of which formulators perform on animals.

Therefore, that non-vegan eyeliner you adore may have been tested on an animal’s eyes and skin to ensure it does not irritate.

But as technology advances, beauty formulators have been able to come up with alternative vegan ingredients that bring along even better results than when using non-vegan ingredients.

So, when you purchase vegan cosmetics, you support businesses and suppliers like Naturacare, which stock cruelty-free products.

Therefore, by going vegan, you are directly saving animal’s lives which sends a message that you promote companies that have compassionate beauty practices.

Even billion-dollar cosmetic companies like Fenty Beauty have realized this, as they launched the Fenty Skin brand, which features 100% vegan products.

3. Protect the Environment

By shifting to vegan beauty products, you support manufacturers that prioritize ethical harvesting practices.

This helps in protecting the environment.

Here is how:

  1. Ethical harvesting does not deplete resources. Instead, beauty product manufacturers only pick what they need to keep the ecosystem balanced.

  2. Manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint since they do not get their raw materials from animal farmers. Therefore, they reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions which are very deadly to our lungs.

  3. Manufacturers help in conserving water since plant farming is not water-intensive as rearing animals.

Enjoy a Wide Selection of Vegan Cosmetics in Canada

To enjoy a wide range of vegan cosmetics from soaps to lip balms, buy from Naturacare, for we believe in the power of nature.

We also support ethical and sustainable beauty practices to save animals as well as the environment.

And by stocking vegan products, we ensure that you only purchase beauty products designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin.

Some of the vegan cosmetics we have in stock:

  • Unscented vegan lip balms

  • Scented vegan lip balms (strawberry, pineapple, wild grape and more)

  • Vegan bath bomb dust in different fragrances

  • Vegan soaps in a variety of fragrances

  • Vegan premium beard oils

  • Vegan body oils

Visit our shop today and let us dazzle you with a wide range of vegan cosmetics that will enhance your natural beauty.

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